Ongoing Projects

Autonomous Driving for Indian Roads, Kohli Center on Intelligent Systems (KCIS),2016-2017

Localization and Navigation in GPS Denied Environments, Defence Research & Development Organization (DRDO), 2016-2017

Multi Robot Autonomous Exploration, Localization and Mapping, Defence Research & Development Organization (DRDO), 2015-2018

Solution in the Mahindra Rise Driver less Car Challenge, UURMI SYSTEMS, 2014-2017

Completed Projects

RCS Framework exploration and implementation, Renault Nissan technology & business centre india pvt. ltd. 2014-2015

Inspire, "Hybrid Reactionless Manipulation and Visual Servoing of a Satellite Mounted Robot for Autonomous On-Orbit Services", 2013-2018

DST, "Fast-Track, Singularity-Free Reactionless Manipulation of a Satellite Mounted Dual-Arm Robot for Capture of a Tumbling Orbiting Object", 2013-2016

UURMI Systems, "UURMI Systems grant", 2014

Renault Nissan, "Renault Nissan grant", 2012-2014

BRNS, "Vision based Localization and SLAM for Mobile Robots", 2012-2015

DST, "Vision based Algorithm for Outdoor Navigation", 2011-2014

CAIR, "Autonomous Navigation for Outdoor Environments", 2010-2011

Extra Mural and IP grants, "Snake Robots for Search and Rescue", 2009-2011

MCIT, "Perceptual Engineering Project", 2009-2011

BNRS, “SLAM Algorithms: Development and Testing for Autonomous Navigation”, 2008-2011

VED (Vehicle Electronics Division), “Digital Terrain Modeling using Single Laser Systems”, 2008–2009

CAIR, “Development of Algorithms for Mobile Robot Navigation”, 2006–2007

DST, “Predictable Performance Algorithm for a Multi-robotic Surveillance System”, 2005–2008

CMU-West, "Design and Development of a Ubiquitous Mobile Robot", 2004-2005

IIIT, Seed Grants, 2004-2006