AutoDP: Autonomous Driving Platform

AutoDP is a complete software cum hardware platform for testing and deployment of self-driving systems. Recent years have seen a rampant rise of self-driving cars and the emergence of a plethora of algorithms for various levels of the self-driving tech stack. To facilitate extensive application-oriented research in this area, there is an imminent need for a standardized platform that researchers and industrialists can use to develop, test and deploy their algorithms. AutoDP is a one stop solution for this. It provides plug-and-play implementations of the state of the art algorithms for all the levels of the self-driving stack. Further, it provides APIs at multiple levels of complexity for developers to tap into the software stack and customize it as per their needs. It also provides templates for programming that developers can use to make their custom modules easily pluggable into the AutoDP system. AutoDP allows for extensive testing of algorithms on a high fidelity simulation environment like Carla before deployment on an actual vehicle. The symphony between the simulator and the car will enable developers to share the same codebase between the two use cases. Check out the AutoDP prestation here.

AutoDP in Action:

Language Guided Open-Set Navigation | Part of our RSS 2023 Publication

Obstacle Avoidance

AutoDP in Simulation | Part of our CASE 2023 Publication

In Campus Global Localization and Trajectory Tracking

A random autonomous run at 5 am, just another day at work!