A Surveillance System based on Multiple Mobile Sensors

K. Madhava Krishna    Henry Hexmoor    Subbarao Pasupuleti    Srinivas Chellapa   

CSCE Dept., University of Arkansas, Fayetteville AR   

A methodology for surveillance of multiple targets through a distributed mobile sensor network is proposed in this paper. We examine coordination among sensors that monitor a rectangular surveillance zone that is crisscrossed by targets. After a target is detected, monitoring sensors either remain stationary or begin following their targets. The decision to remain stationary or to track a target is based on a scheme of priority ascription to the target and the coordination mechanism between the sensors. The priorities are computed with a fuzzy inference scheme. Coordination between sensors considers the geometry of the future target path and the number of expected observations a sensor is likely to make on the target. Simulation results validate the efficacy of the proposed methodology