Realtime Moving Object Detection from a Freely Moving Monocular Camera

Abhijit Kundu    C.V. Jawahar    K Madhava Krishna   

IIIT Hyderabad, India   

Detection of moving objects is a key component in mobile robotic perception and understanding of the environment. In this paper, we describe a realtime independent motion detection algorithm for this purpose. The method is robust and is capable of detecting difficult degenerate motions, where the moving objects is followed by a moving camera in the same direction. This robustness is attributed to the use of efficient geometric constraints and a probability framework which propagates the uncertainty in the system. The proposed independent motion detection framework integrates seamlessly with existing visual SLAM solutions. The system consists of multiple modules which are tightly coupled so that one module benefits from another. The integrated system can simultaneously detect multiple moving objects in realtime from a freely moving monocular camera.