Design, Construction and a compliant gait of “ModPod”: a Modular Hexpod robot

Sriranjan Rasaktla    K. Madhava Krishna    Bipin Indurkhya   

IIIT Hyderabad, India   

In this paper we describe the mechanical design, gait and control for a modular hexapod robot which makes it compliant to terrain while climbing slopes up and down. The robot uses a unique electronically actuated 2DOF universal spine similar to the spine of the Snake and the four legged animals like leopard, tiger etc.By controlling the amount of stiffness of the spine we were able to make the robot compliant to the surface. To our knowledge this is the first modular hexapod robot which achieves controllable compliance by both mechanical design and electronically actuating the robots spinal backbone. This design was biologically inspired based on the structure of a caterpillar with legs. Also we present the hardware and software architecture of the robot in this paper