Homography based Monocular Dense Reconstruction for a Mobile Robot

Laxit Gavshinde    K Madhava Krishna   

IIIT Hyderabad, India   

Single camera mobile robots, wherein the single camera becomes the quintessential sensor for robotic tasks such as localization, mapping and obstacle avoidance are challenging. From such a standpoint, we demonstrate a dense reconstruction as conducted by a navigating robot with a monocular camera. Unlike most other dense reconstruction methods this approach first identifies planar areas through homography. These segments are tracked over multiple views with homography based dense correspondences. The tracked correspondences are reconstructed within a VSLAM formulation, wherein the dense reconstructed points get added to the existing SLAM computed structure. The dense structure is further refined using a modified Bundle Adjustment which minimizes projection error in 3D to align with a inferred model of the scene. A mobile robot can thus make use of the reconstructed ground plane and planar obstacles to compute a collision free trajectory.