WAY-GO Torch :An intelligent flash light

Sriranjan Rasakatla1    K. Madhava Krishna1   

1 IIIT Hyderabad, India   

Here the prototype of an intelligent flash light is presented which helps for outdoor navigation by projecting a directional arrow that guides a user from one point to another. The torchlight can be used for navigating in new campuses, can be used as a tool for search and rescue and also can be used for trekking and biking. By directly projecting the associated meta data like name of the place, distance to target and the heading information the torch eliminates the overhead involved in reading a map and comparing it with the surroundings to further decipher the map. It is an intelligent-ubiquitous flash light which over comes the limitation imposed by limited screen size of a GPS cellphone, a GPS watch or a GPS navigating device used in a car.