Overtaking Maneuvers by Non Linear Time Scaling over Reduced Set of Learned Motion Primitives

Vishakh Duggal1    Kumar Bipin1    Arun Kumar Singh1    Bharath Gopalakrishnan1    Brijendra Kumar Bharti2    Abdelaziz Khiat1    K. Madhava Krishna   

1 IIIT Hyderabad, India    2 Renault Nissan Technology and Business Center India Pvt Ltd    3 Nissan Motor Co., Ltd, Japan   

Overtaking of a vehicle moving on structured roads is one of the most frequent driving behavior. In this work, we have described a Real Time Control System based framework for overtaking maneuver of autonomous vehicles. Proposed framework incorporates Intelligent Planning and Modular control modules. Intelligent Planning module of the framework enables the vehicle to intelligently select the most appropriate behavioral characteristics given the perceived operating environment. Subsequently, Modular control module reduces the search space of overtaking trajectories through an SVM based learning approach. These trajectories are then examined for possible future time collision using Velocity Obstacle. It employs non linear time scaling that provides for continuous trajectories in the space of linear and angular velocities to achieve continuous curvature overtaking maneuvers respecting velocity and acceleration bounds. Further time scaling also can scale velocities to avoid collisions and can compute a time optimal trajectory for the learned behavior. The preliminary results show the appropriateness of our proposed framework in virtual urban environment.