Efficient Manoeuvring of Quadrotor under Constrained Space and Predefined Accuracy

Sourish Ganguly1    Viswa N. Sankaranarayanan1    B.V.S.G. Suraj1    Rishabh Dev Yadav1    Spandan Roy1   

1 IIIT Hyderabad, India   

In recent times, quadrotors have become immensely applicable in scenarios such as relief operations, infrastructure maintenance, search-and-rescue missions etc. A key control design challenge arises in these applications when the quadrotor has to manoeuvre through constrained spaces such as narrow windows, pipelines in the presence of external disturbances and parametric uncertainties: such conditions necessitate the controller to guarantee predefined tracking accuracy so as to not violate the constraints and simultaneously tackle uncertainties. However, state-of-the-art controllers dealing with constrained system motion are not applicable either for an underactuated system like quadrotor or for an uncertain system dynamics. This work proposes a robust controller that enables the quadrotor to follow a trajectory with predefined tracking accuracy in constrained space as well as to tackle uncertainties stemming from imprecise system modelling and external disturbances. The closed-loop system stability is analysed via the Barrier Lyapunov approach and the effectiveness of the proposed controller is validated via simulation with state of the art.