A new geometric approach for three view line reconstruction and motion estimation in Manhattan Scenes

Ayyappa Swamy Thatavarthy    Tanu Sharma    K. Madhava Krishna   

Robotics Research Center, IIIT Hyderabad, India   

Owing to the inherent geometry, the extent of map reconstructed using line-based SfM(structure from motion) is superior to point-based SfM. However, with the existing methods, estimation of structure and motion from observed 2D line segments in images is more complex than that of points. To overcome this, we propose a simple and robust 1-parameter approach for Structure and Motion Estimation from line features in Manhattan Scenes from three views. We leverage the vanishing point directions to estimate the relative rotations as well as to fix the 3D line direction. In consequence we build a constraints matrix, which has the relative translations and 3D line depth as its null space. We then perform 1-parameter line BA using factor graph based cost function. We compare the efficacy of our method with standard line triangulation in synthetic as well as real-world scenes.