Robust Manoeuvring of Quadrotor under Full State Constraints

Sourish Ganguly1    Viswa N. Sankaranarayanan1    B.V.S.G. Suraj1    Rishabh Dev Yadav1    Spandan Roy1   

1 IIIT Hyderabad, India   

Quadrotors have become extremely popular in various application scenarios which include disaster response, maintenance etc. A crucial challenge in terms of control design surfaces when a quadrotor has to operate under space constraints (e.g. pipeline inspection from inside, payload delivery at a precise location) under parametric perturbations and environmental disturbances (e.g. wind, gust). To deal with such scenarios, a suitable controller should simultaneously ensure tracking accuracy within predefined bounds to avoid constraint violation and tackle uncertainties. However, the state-of-the-art designs are either inapplicable for quadrotor system which is under-actuated in nature, or are unable to tackle system parametric uncertainties while being under full state (i.e. position, attitude angle, linear velocity and angular velocity) constraints. To address such issues in literature, a robust controller is introduced in this endeavour based on barrier Lyapunov approach; the stability of the closed-loop system is studied analytically. The effectiveness of the proposed controller is experimentally validated.