ConceptFusion: Open-set Multimodal 3D Mapping

Krishna Murthy Jatavallabhula1    Alihusein Kuwajerwala1    Qiao Gu1    Mohd Omama1    Tao Chen1    Shuang Li1    Ganesh Iyer1    Soroush Saryazdi1    Nikhil Keetha1    Ayush Tewari1    Joshua B Tenenbaum1    Celso Miguel de Melo1    Madhava Krishna1    Liam Paull1    Florian Shkurti1    Antonio Torralba1   

1 IIIT Hyderabad, India   

Building 3D maps of the environment is central to robot navigation, planning, and interaction with objects in a scene. Most existing approaches that integrate semantic concepts with 3D maps largely remain confined to the closed-set setting: they can only reason about a finite set of concepts, pre-defined at training time. Further, these maps can only be queried using class labels, or in recent work, using text prompts. We address both these issues with ConceptFusion, a scene representation that is (1) fundamentally open-set, enabling reasoning beyond a closed set of concepts and (ii) inherently multimodal, enabling a diverse range of possible queries to the 3D map, from language, to images, to audio, to 3D geometry, all working in concert. ConceptFusion leverages the open-set capabilities of today's foundation models pre-trained on internet-scale data to reason about concepts across modalities such as natural language, images, and audio. We demonstrate that pixel-aligned open-set features can be fused into 3D maps via traditional SLAM and multi-view fusion approaches. This enables effective zero-shot spatial reasoning, not needing any additional training or finetuning, and retains long-tailed concepts better than supervised approaches, outperforming them by more than 40% margin on 3D IoU. We extensively evaluate ConceptFusion on a number of real-world datasets, simulated home environments, a real-world tabletop manipulation task, and an autonomous driving platform. We showcase new avenues for blending foundation models with 3D open-set multimodal mapping. For more information, visit our project page or watch our 5-minute explainer video